It is the third book of the Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus.


War is Brewing in Mannahatta, the spirit city that coexists alongside Manhattan, and as the truces between Indians and Gods of Manhatta grows increasingly fragile, Rory - who has the ability to see both worlds - is the city's best hope for survival.


  1. Bad Dreams
  2. The Hearring Man
  3. A Shape in the Night
  4. The Little Red Lighthouse
  5. Behind the Beloved
  6. Into Hell Gate
  7. The Royal Steed
  8. A Tight Race
  9. The Old Stone House
  10. The Fair Engineer
  11. Into the Caisson
  12. The Iron Ship
  13. Staaten Eylandt
  14. The Perfect Disguised
  15. The Best-Laid Plans
  16. A Familiar Face
  17. Bridget Causes Trouble
  18. Betrayal
  19. The Greatest Spy in the World
  20. The Home of Swindler
  21. The Game Changes
  22. The Forgoten Station
  23. The Sacrifice
  24. The Battle for Manhattan
  25. Family History
  26. Honor Among Theives
  27. The Truth
  28. Hello and Goodbye
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