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The Rattle WatchEdit

The Rattle Watch is a group made by Adrien van der Donck with their leader, Nicholas. As children of the gods, all of the Rattle Watchers are immortal and more importantly, not Gods. At first there were 5 members but as Albert Fish betrays the group, the only members left are Simon Astor, Lincoln Douglass, Alexa van der Donck, and Nicholas.

List of Rattle WatchEdit

Nicholas Stuyvesant - Son of Peter Stuyvesant, Leader of the Rattle Watch

Alexa van der Donck - Daughter of Adrian van der Donck,The only girl in Rattle Watch

Lincon Douglass - Son of Frederick Douglass

Simon Astor - Son of John Jacob Astor

Albert Fish - Son of Hamilton Fish

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Albert Fish later leaves due to being a traitor
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