Rory Hennessy
Important Information
Gender Male
Species Mortal
Eye Color -
Hair Color -
Height unknown
Birthday unknown
Home Manhattan
Voice Actor none

Rory Hennessy Edit

Rory Hennesy is the son of Henry Hudson. He is the only Light left in the entire Manhattan.

Personality Edit

Rory Hennesy is someone who cares a lot for his family. Since he was the only man in his family he was forced to take on the position wherein he is the protector of his family. He is very protective of his sister to a point that he sometimes restrict her from doing things.

Rory is also very timid when it comes to meeting girls, since he goes to an all boys school.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

  • He can see connect Manhattan and Manahatta
  • He can influence others to also see Manahatta
  • He has the ability to force people to tell the truth.

Appears In: Edit

  • Gods of Manhattan
  • Spirits In the Park
  • The Sorcerer's Secrets
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